A Cutting-Edge Guide to Applying Transport Phenomena Principles to Bioengineering SystemsTransport Phenomena in Biomedical Engineering: Artificial Order Design and Development and Tissue Engineering explains how to apply the equations of continuity, momentum, energy, and mass to human anatomical systems. This authoritative resource presents solutions along with term-by-term medical significance. Worked exercises illustrate the equations derived, and detailed case studies highlight real-world examples of artificial organ design and human tissue engineering.Coverage includes:Fundamentals of fluid mechanics and principles of molecular diffusionOsmotic pressure, solvent permeability, and solute transportRheology of blood and transportGas transportPharmacokineticsTissue designBioartificial organ design and immunoisolationBioheat transport541 end-of-chapter exercises and review questions106 illustrations1,469 equations derived from first principles

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