In an age when an international voyage is as easy as it is unsettling, people need a variety of skills to cope with the unknown. Simple country information is not enough. You need cultural competence as well as a clear understanding of your tolerance for risk. With a solid understanding of your strengths and vulnerabilities you can explore strategies for minimizing risk and maximizing the gain in your travels. Travel Wise combines insight and practical advice to help travelers develop the right attitude, the right training and the right approach for a successful journey. Used with countless individuals and organizations around the globe, the Travel Wise Model can guide your decision making. Whether you are in corporate security, international HR, business planning for a corporation or running a study abroad program, Leki's seasoned advice will work for you. "Essential reading for anyone who carries a passport." --Laurette Bennhold-Samaan, Sr. Manager Global Mobility, Accenture Ltd. "Designed for anyone concerned with international travel, this book also provides a series of rehearsed skills that will help even seasoned travelers face a variety of unexpected situations." --Book News Inc., August 2008 Contents Foreword by Prudence Bushnell, Former U.S Ambassador to Kenya and Guatemala Introduction: A New Way to Look at Travel Safety 1 The Travel Wise Model 2 The Travel Wise Personal Inventory 3 Making Sense of Your Personal and Interpersonal Skills Profile 4 Personal Skills: Beyond the Basics 5 Making Sense of Your Cross-Cultural Skills Profile 6 Security Skills: Beyond the Basics 7 Making Sense of Your Security Skills Profile 8 Understanding Your Motivations 9 Organizational Security 10 Putting Your Skills into Practice Special Issues: Managing Students and Young Adults/Professionals Appendix: Information Strategies and Resources About the Author Index

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