This is a biography written in the mode of Abraham Pais biography of Einstein: Subtle is the Lord. The Science and Life of Albert Einstein. There is one major difference. Whereas the science in Paiss text was relegated to esoteric small print segments, the authors highlight evolutionary biology as it is at a stage where it can be made intelligible to the educated reader. William Bateson brought the work of Mendel (and much more) to the attention of the English-speaking world. He commanded the biological sciences in the decades after Darwin's death in 1882. He gave twentieth century figures such as J.B.S. Haldane and C.D. Darlington a start in science, and was critical of the emergent Eugenics.We provide an understanding of Bateson as well as a reconciliation of diverging views (e.g. the hierarchical thinking of Gould and the genocentrism of George Williams and Richard Dawkins). Evolutionists may thus, at long last, present a unified front to their creationist opponents.

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