Shortly after the success of his autobiography A STEP AT A TIME, many readers asked Jan de Vries for more information regarding his 45 years of experience in the practice of naturopathy.In TREATING BODY, MIND AND SOUL, Jan shares with his readers the many ways in which he treats his patients and details the more extraordinary cases that he has dealt with over the years. In doing so, he provides a clear idea of how the body really works and what physical problems can occur. He also illustrates how some unusual cases have been dealt with successfully in an unorthodox way using complementary therapies. Some of the astounding cases mentioned in his autobiography are dealt with in this book more explicitly to show the way de Vries sees the body as a whole and how, with some small adjustments, he has brought many people newfound health and happiness. Treating people with mental and emotional health problems is a major aspect of Jan's work and over the years he has developed various alternative methods that compliment orthodox treatments. This book reveals intriguingly his success in treating problems of the mind using breathing exercises, homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as cranial osteopathy and acupuncture. Jan also delves into the mystery of the soul and shares his thoughts and theories on why it is entwined so fully with the body and mind. He opines on the twenty-first century diseases that are so often misunderstood and, in many cases, go unidentified and gives tips on how to deal with them.

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