In this collection, the author has compiled a set of his papers representing some of the highlights of materials chemistry. It features a section on oxidic materials, which includes high-temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, electronic phase separation and multiferroics. The author has also included novel methods for making gallium nitride, boron nitride and such materials, by using precursors and the urea decomposition route. Moreover, there is a section dealing with open-framework and hybrid materials of which the latter has a great future since one can make use of the rigidity of inorganic structures and the functionality and flexibility of the organic residues to design materials with novel properties.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Novel materials, materials design and synthetic strategies: recent advances and new directions (2,147 KB)Contents: Chemical Synthesis of Solid Inorganic MaterialsVirtues of Marginally Metallic OxidesPhase Transitions and the Chemistry of SolidsChemical Insights into High-Temperature SuperconductivityNew Routes to Multiferroics (with C R Serrao)Aufbau Principle of Complex Open-Framework Structures of Metal Phosphates with Different Dimensionalities (with S Natarajan et al.)Coordination Polymers and Hybrid Networks of Different Dimensionalities Formed by Metal Sulfites (with K P Rao)Inorganic Nanotubes (with M Nath)Ammonia Sensors Based on Metal Oxide Nanostructures (with C S Rout et al.)and other papersReadership: Academic and industrial material chemists and university students.

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