An innovative, new approach to risk assessment and management that will help you uncover countless opportunities for your companyIf a business wants to be sustainable in the twenty-first century, it should focus on the continuous improvements and potential opportunities that risk management offers. Written by risk management experts, this book will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance for the successful management of business risk so you can improve your company's triple bottom linethe social, environmental, and financial accountability of your business. The authors introduce the RISQUE method, which was specifically developed to address a diverse range of events and issues. It offers a multifaceted approach, using a rational process, which will help you make informed, defensible risk management decisions. You'll gain a better understanding of the methodology, assumptions, advantages, and disadvantages of this approach. You'll also see how the method can be applied to specific areas within your business to reduce risk and increase opportunities. And you'll learn the necessary skills to implement a risk management process that will demonstrate commitment to triple bottom line management.To enhance the material presented, numerous case studies are included that will help you understand how to:Select and justify the best option for a projectDetermine how much additional liability you'll gain through an acquisitionAccount for nonquantifiable eventsUnderstand how much your company needs to set aside for future liabilitiesDiscover which asset management strategy gives you the best returnUse loss of life as a measure of risk to public safetyCalculate and report contingent liability on your balance sheetDevelop an insurance strategy based on your profile of risk

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