"A story that really draws the reader in... Quite deliciously funny and sad."Barbara Trapido, author of Frankie & Stankie.----------------------Kit and Alice are happy, in love and enjoying a luxurious weekend break abroad when the unthinkable happens. Their car spins off a mountain road and into an empty desert valley. Their lives are changed in an instant.The accident shatters their faith in their relationship and in each other. Alice's natural optimism and sense of security desert her; she stops eating and separates herself from other people. Even her loving sister, Emmy, is kept at a distance. Kit's dog Bones becomes her constant companion. For his part, Kit resents this new brittle Alice; but he cannot seem to reconnect.The Trouble with Alice is a beautifully written tale of two people thrown in at the emotional deep end, struggling to find a way back in the aftermath of tragedy. With poignancy and humour, and a keen understanding of human frailty, Olivia Glazebrook unwinds the conventions of a love story. She speaks of compassion, of renewal and ultimately, perhaps, of reconciliation.

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