True wisdom has a goal to transform ordinary everyday human beings in to a warrior, fighter and spiritually enlightened human being! To stress that many times in this book the word warrior or fighter will be used! It is important to comprehend our - human struggle against bad things, our own negativity and fight against evil that is around us all!By studying true wisdom you will be a warrior and a fighter, but not because physical fighting, because of spiritual, mental and intellectual battle against the bad self and bad influences! Physical fight is simple and physical abilities alone don't lead anybody to the true enlightening!In today time the world of violence, corruptness and immorality is all around us, it is hard to stay normal, healthy and not under negative influence of our surroundings! You are starting to become a warrior that first moment when in your favorite crowd someone says: "Here take a joint!" And you answer: "No, no, thank you, that first moment when you say no for drugs, alcohol, or violence when you are at your way back home from school, or at the party or wherever, that is first moment when you are started to become a warrior!Warrior you shall become when you say no to the suppression, violence, neglect, when you are standing on the side of the weaker, when you just see the easy way and when everything is against you and you still say no I will never let go, I will follow my own path of honesty and goodness! Enlightening and understanding of things, relations and the world is not possible if you did not become a Warrior!All of these wisdoms are coming from real life, from real human experience, from real fights and wars, from real street fights, from real good and bad! Universal wisdom will help you to stay alive, happy and healthy! Open your heart and mind. Use this wisdom in both physical and mental sense! Universal wisdom is raw, efficient and brutal, but and fine to! All of my battles, that I was in, were the battles for you, to help you, people of our planet! Most efficient way of help is this book! To understand that, read it every day! It will help you beyond your imagination!

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