In business, nothing is more important than trust. No company can prosper without trust between management and employees, among colleagues and partners, and between the organization and the outside world. Trust is the strongest foundation for customer loyalty, staff motivation and market confidence.
This book brings trust out of the realm of ideals and the reveals that it isn't just a virtue, but an economic necessity, especially for a company operating in today's turbulent markets. The author explodes a number of dangerous myths about trust: that it is no more than a feel-good factor, that it has to be earned, and that trust is fine but control is better. He shows that the mistrust prevalent in many corporations can incur huge commercial costs, and explains the quickest and most direct ways for a company to win trust.
Reinhard Sprenger is a passionate advocate of putting trust into action in the way companies are run. As he shows management rhetoric is one thing; genuine, deep-seated and widespread trust quite another. In the end, real trust will do more for a company's security than any security measure, exert control more effectively than any control system, and create more value than any value-creation programme.

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