In 1883, the Russian police established the Foreign Agentura in Paris. The bureau's brief: to forewarn Tsardom of terrorist plans and, if possible, to defuse acts of terrorism against high personages by revolutionaries operating under European sanctuary. As the revolutionary emigration expanded, the Foreign Agentura reacted by spreading its tentacles across Europe and England. With the help of their European colleagues, the Tsar's agents tackled and drove back this terrorist force, proving themslves invaluable in the evolution of political policing.The bitter struggle between the Foreign Agentura and the revolutionary emigration emphasised Russia's central and indespensable place in the evolution of political policing in industrial societies. Indeed, the Russian struggle to devlop a united European and American front against terrorism, laid the groundwork for Interpol and, in doing so, confronted many of the same issues still plaguing the war against terrorism today.

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