Turbo-like Codes introduces turbo error correcting concept in a simple language, including a general theory and the algorithms for decoding turbo-like code. It presents a unified framework for the design and analysis of turbo codes and LDPC codes and their decoding algorithms. A major focus of Turbo-like Codes is on high speed turbo decoding, which targets applications with data rates of several hundred million bits per second (Mbps). In this book a novel high-speed turbo decoder is presented that exploits parallelization. Parallelism is achieved very efficiently by exploiting the flexibility of message-passing algorithm. It has been shown that very large speed gains can be achieved by this scheme while the efficiency is maintained reasonably high. Memory access, which poses a practical problem for the proposed parallel turbo decoder, is solved by introducing the conflict-free interleaver. The latency is further improved by designing a special kind of conflict-free interleaver. Furthermore, an algorithm to design such interleaver is presented. It is shown that the performance of turbo code is not sacrificed by using the interleaver with the proposed structure.

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