DONT JUST NETWORK HARDNETWORK SMART!Turn Small Talk into Big Deals presents a revolutionary new approachto the timeless topic of networking. Bestselling author and communicationstrainer Don Gabor introduces you to four distinct networkingstylesCompetitive, Outgoing, Amiable, and Analyticalto help youidentify, adapt, and respond to other peoples particular styles.With this book, youll establish instant rapport with anyone you meetand quickly build a relationship that profits both of you.If you want to be a better networker, take your business tothe next level, and make a lot more sales, especiallythe big ones, then buy Turn Small Talk into Big Deals.Its a winner and after reading it, you will be, too!Stephan Schiffman, author ofCold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)If anyone knows how to effectively turn our words into thebig deals, its Don Gabor. Hes a proven communicator.Audra Lowe, talk-show host from BetterTVIf there were one person I would want to lean on forthis critical information, it is Don Gabor. This bookis a must-read.Ron Karr, CSP, author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way

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