Penny Birch has been doing her best to keep readers of erotica happy since the release of Penny in Harness back in 1998. Since then she has treated her readership to 33 novels and more than 50 short stories, each and every one packed with truly filthy behaviour from a cast of characters unequalled in the world of erotic fiction. From spanking to pony-girl play, from plain old sex to some of the most bizarre scenarios ever created, Penny has provided it all, and in Twelve Smarting Tails offers up another dozen brand spanking new short stories. Each story is written from the viewpoint of one of her best known characters and focused on a favourite fetish, but theres one thing you can always guarantee, the girls get spanked!Oh no, not again!Yes, again, Penny. Come on, you know the drill, and you know theres no escape.I hung my head, defeated, and knowing Id be okay once my bottom was warm. In fact, I was very likely to disgrace myself completely, which made my feelings of self-pity and consternation all the stronger as I got down across her knee. Somebody in the audience chuckled as I lifted my bottom to make it easier for my skirt to be pulled up, while another commented that I was obviously used to spankings. It was true, shamefully true, adding to my bitter self-reproach as my panties were peeled down and my naked bottom exposed to the world one more time.Praise for Penny BirchFor fans of spanking and women's erotica, this book should be a must buy The Romance Reviews on Saddled UpAnother winner first rate Jade magazine

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