Businesswriting can be particularly difficult to get right and far too many peopleresort to deathly-dull jargon and nonsense buzz words to try to get their pointacross. In 26 Ways of Looking at a Blackberry, John Simmons proposes that inorder to create business communication that is truly engaging, writing needs tobe more expressive and adventurous. 'Business-speak' undermines thecommunication objectives of brands as they try to move beyond respect to 'love'.This is now seen more and more as the imperative for young, aspiring brands aswell as big, corporate brands. The book explores ways that everyoneinvolved with communicating a brand's values marketers, advertisers, PRpeople and so on can focus on the potential of language to reach their goals. Toillustrate this, the author has taken a basic example of businesswriting and rewritten it in 26 different ways, each following aconstraint. For example, as a fairy story; without using the letter'e'; written in the style of Dickens; as a letter to a friend; as a sixword story; as a sonnet. In each case, Simmons looks at what effectthat particular constraint has on the writing, how it helps or hinders,and what lessons can be drawn from the exercise that can be applied tobusiness writing in different situations.A unique andentertaining approach to business writing with some great advice toimpart to help you get the most out of writing for business.

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