The Tycoon Takes a Wife It had been a least for Jonah Landis's new bride. She'd left him the morning after their whirlwind wedding. And he'd never forgiven her. But a year later, due to a technicality, it seemed the millionaire was still a married man. Eloisa had lied about many things and now if his "wife" wanted out of this marriage, she was going to give him the answers he still needed...and the honeymoon he still craved. His Royal Prize Born into scandal, raised by royalty, Geoff Devonshire had always done the right thing. Now the chance to finally claim his birthright had put him in the spotlight...and the path of Amelia Munroe. With a past steeped in gossip, she was absolutely the wrong woman to have on his arm - and the only woman he wanted in his bed!

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