The Truth About the Tycoon by Allison Leigh Worldly tycoon Dane Rutherford was accustomed to handling billion-dollar negotiations, though one small-town girl had just got the better of him. He'd come to Montana with one goal in mind - revenge. But his plans changed the second that Hadley Golightly crashed into his life... The Tycoon's Lady by Katherine Garbera The auction was perfect. At least, it was until Angelica Leone tumbled off the stage - and landed in the arms of hard-driving corporate executive Paul Sterling, who was used to snapping his fingers and getting exactly what he wanted. The trouble was it looked as if what he wanted now was her! Her Texan Tycoon by Jan Hudson Jessica had awakened from a faint to find familiar eyes sweeping her face. For the man who gazed upon her was the spitting image of her dead husband! Millionaire Smith Rutledge was as mystified as Jessica. Meanwhile, in his quest for answers, the sexy-as-sin tycoon was happy to share his bed!

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