Twenty tales of over-the-knee fun... Explore the sensual pleasures of spanking in tantalising detail in this brand new collection. Featuring a diverse range of cheek-warming, eye-watering, and always arousing, scenarios, disciplinarians and brats reveal the thrills of shame and retribution. Be it over the knee, the desk, the chair, or on the bare, the desire to punish and be punished doesnt let up for a moment. Serena discovers her date, Oliver, is a master of kink who wastes no time in introducing her to the joys of bending over and obeying ... Outspoken, headstrong Tamara calls in a favour from a special uncle to aid and abet a shameful surrender that requires a humiliating correction by the firmest hand ... Kat pays a painful price when she becomes the client of a specialist service provider ... After hours in the office, when Scarlett sees a red hand print on Blake Coopers bare behind, an erotic war of wills begins between two professional rivals ...

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