Ultra Wideband Circuits, Transceivers and Systems is a compilation of chapters on various aspects of Ultra Wideband. The topics covered include: An overview of circuit techniques for broadband applications which provides a comparative analysis of various broadband implementations for different parts of the transceiver such as amplifiers, oscillators and filters. System proposals for Ultra Wideband: This material includes a historical perspective of the development of Ultra Wideband, starting with the earliest proposals to the FCC, and describing the current state of the art, including the OFDM and pulse based approaches to Ultra Wideband. Ultra Wideband Circuits, Transceivers and Systems includes three chapters on Ultra Wideband transceiver implementations. Two chapters cover pulse-based systems and another presents an implementation for the WiMedia/MBOFDM approach. One chapter discusses the implementation of the physical layer baseband, including the ADC and post-ADC processing required in the UWB system. Future advances such as multiantenna UWB solutions are also discussed. Each chapter is authored by leading experts from industry and academia.

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