Semiconductor-based Ultra-Fast All-Optical Signal Processing Devices a key technology for the next generation of ultrahigh bandwidth optical communication systems!The introduction of ultra-fast communication systems based on all-optical signal processing is considered to be one of the most promising ways to handle the rapidly increasing global communication traffic. Such systems will enable real time super-high definition moving pictures such as high reality TV-conference, remote diagnosis and surgery, cinema entertainment and many other applications with small power consumption. The key issue to realize such systems is to develop ultra-fast optical devices such as light sources, all-optical gates and wavelength converters.Ultra-Fast All-Optical Signal Processing Devices discusses the state of the art development of semiconductor-based ultrafast all-optical devices, and their various signal processing applications for bit-rates 100Gb/s to 1Tb/s.Ultra-Fast All-Optical Signal Processing Devices:Provides a thorough and in-depth treatment of the most recent achievements in ultrafast all-optical devicesDiscusses future networks with applications such as HD-TV and super-high definition moving screens as a motivating background for devices researchCovers mode-locked semiconductor lasers, electro-absorption modulator based 160Gb/s signal sources, SOA based symmetric Mach-Zehnder type all-optical gates, intersubband transition gate device, and moreExplains the technical issues behind turning the ultra-fast optical devices into practical working toolsExamples of above 160Gb/s transmission experimentsDiscusses future prospects of the ultra-fast signal processing devicesThis invaluable reference will provide device researchers and engineers in industry, researchers at universities (including graduate students, and post doctorial researchers and professors) and research institutes with a thorough understanding of ultrahigh bandwidth optical communication systems. Device and communication market watchers will also find this book useful.

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