Devlin O'Neill is a master of spanking erotica, and here we present eight of his best stories - hot, squirmy fantasies of wayward girls spanked and aroused, their bottoms examined and probed with wicked tenderness, driving them to ecstasies of embarrassed delight. In this volume you will find more punishing tales of disobedient almost-nieces and unruly quasi-daughters, all young ladies who know they need to feel Devlin's hard hand on their tender flesh, whether they admit such deviant desire to him or not. He isn't mean so much as strict, and it's never a good idea to push him too far, though all too often the girls do exactly that and earn more stinging spanks than they bargained for. Here too are otherworldly sagas that will transport you from the outer reaches of the galaxy to the strangely bright recesses of the Middle Ages. But even there, as everywhere in O'Neill's universe, all girls are naughty and must be spanked.

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