An American district attorney, restless with the predictable path of his life, applies on a whim for a UN international prosecutor position in Kosovo. Accepted against the odds, he is thrown head-first into the post-conflict chaos of Pristina and forced to navigate the UN bureaucracy, and a fluid security situation, while trying to bring some very violent criminals to justice.San Francisco Assistant DA Philip Kearney applied to serve as a United Nations war crimes prosecutor on a lark. After all, he had no experience in international law, spoke only English, and had never worked outside of the country. But soon, Kearney found himself in post-Civil War Pristina, Kosovo, with round-the clock bodyguards, the sole international prosecutor assigned to administer a region of 800,000 people.Over the course of his six-month appointment, Kearney would go from prosecuting local street thugs, to shutting down a ring of international sex traffickers, to leading the investigation into a secret history of death camps-an investigation that would eventually implicate a number of prominent locals and threaten to throw Pristina back into violent chaos.At once a story of one man's incredible personal journey and an eye-opening, timely look at what happens after the fighting stops and the international media turn their attention elsewhere, War Crimes is the firsthand account of a prosecutor's unique experience in the former Yugoslavia as he tries to bring stability to a region long-ravaged by war and ethnic strife.

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