Among the rush hour crowds and abandoned levels of the LondonUnderground, someone is pushing women under trains. Hunting the killer, Casimir the Tube worker goes ever deeper into the subterranean world, and into himself. The tunnel walls are riveted plates of iron, crusted with grime. Their raised edges arch overhead, like ribs, and the grime itself is creased and ridged, layer on layer ofcoaldust, exhaust and limestone glittering black. Cables run along the walls at shoulder height, thick as Casimir's arms. On his belt the cellular coughs and mutters on its open line. Garbledsnatches of conversation. Interference from other lines and works.Underground is the story of a city under a city, and the people who inhabit it. Below the bright crowds and tunnel musicians of the London Underground, three people search for one another in a labyrinth of deep shelters, ruins and derelict Victorian stations. Two of them are guided by love and a desire for redemption - the third by obsession and the need to destroy. From the deep forests of Silesia to the seething markets of Camden Town and Astrakhan, Underground follows the life of Casimir, descending into the depths of the Tube and the terriblesecrets of his Polish childhood. In subterranean London, Casimir has gone to ground. But in his desperate search for a killer, he discovers a chance for forgiveness and the emergence of a new life.

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