Of the known greenhouse gases, political attention to date has primarily focused on carbon dioxide (CO2), whereby it is assumed that underground storages of crude oil and natural gas through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology could contribute significantly to global climate protection. Underground Storage of CO2 and Energy covers many aspects of CO2 sequestration and its usage, as well as of underground storage of fossil and renewable energy sources, and is divided into 8 parts:* Environmental and Energy Policy & Law for Underground Storage* Geological Storage and Monitoring* Enhanced Gas and Oil Recovery Using CO2 (CO2 -EGR/EOR)* Rock Mechanical Behavior in Consideration of Dilatancy and Damage* Underground Storage of Natural Gas and Oil* Underground Storage of Wind Energy* State-of-the-Art & New Developments in Gas Supply in Germany and China* EOR & New Drilling TechnologyUnderground Storage of CO2 and Energy will be invaluable to academics, professionals and engineers, and to industries and governmental bodies active in the field of underground storage of fossil and renewable energy sources.

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