Written in a concise, easy-to-read style, this text for senior undergraduate and graduate courses covers all key topics thoroughly. It is also a useful self-study guide for practising engineers who need a complete, up-to-date review of the subject. Key features: sAA Rigorous theoretical treatment combined with practical detail sAA A theoretical framework built up systematically from the SchraE saE dinger Wave Equation and the Boltzmann Transport Equation sAA Covers MOSFETS, HBTs and HJFETS sAA Uses the PSP model for MOSFETS sAA Rigorous treatment of device capacitance sAA Describes the operation of modern, high-performance transistors and diodes sAA Evaluates the suitability of various transistor types and diodes for specific modern applications sAA Covers solar cells and LEDs and their potential impact on energy generation and reduction sAA Includes a chapter on nanotransistors to prepare students and professionals for the future sAA Provides results of detailed numerical simulations to compare with analytical solutions sAA End-of-chapter exercises sAA Online lecture slides for undergraduate and graduate courses

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