The approach is zestful and exhilarating. The style engages in adialogue with the reader Derek Neale, Creative Writing Tutor, The OpenUniversity Understanding Novels is a lively and entertaining guide toanalysing literary form to make everyday reading more enriching,satisfying and fun. Bestselling literature author, Thomas C. Foster,writes in an informal and engaging style to show how a novelsstructure - point of view, narrative voice, chapter construction,character `emblems and even the first sentence, serve to createmeaning and form the special literary language of the novel. The waythe story is told is as important as the story being told andinfluences how readers will respond. If readers are going to hold thelife and death of novels in their hands, they should probably find outmore about them...For book lovers and literature buffs who want to get moreinsight, more understanding, and more pleasure from their reading -this is an excellent, non-academic guide, featuring an impressive arrayof modern and classic literature examples.

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