What was once regarded as the purview of programmers and administrators is now making its way to users' desktops-most notably via Mac OS X-and users have begun to take note. When you're ready to get to the heart of it all-to the operating system atthe core of the Internet, the intranet, and quite possibly your own desktop-there's no better way to start than by consulting with this handy Visual QuickStart Guide . The authors who made Unix comprehensible to the masses are back with Unix, 2nd Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide -completely updated to reflect all that's new in Unix. The book discusses how to run a home network server and use CUPS, Samba, http, and more. Through simple step-by-step instructions, numerous tips, and plenty of visual references, you'll learn everything you need to know to make sense of the flavors, commands, and technical jargon surrounding the Unix operating system. Printing in the Unix environment, managing your system, and more are all...

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