Do you ever feel you are too busy focussing on certain areas of life that the truly important things pass you by? The paradox of modern life is that the more we chase the 'bigger and better' things to bring us contentment, the more difficult true happiness becomes to find. If we really want to discover what is truly important to us, we need to take a more fundamental approach. We need to get 'unplugged'. It's time to get back to basics, to go back to the 'acoustic' version of life without all the rush and hustle. Taking a step back from what we think we want can often show us what it is we truly want, and only by becoming 'unplugged' from what we have been chasing can we reconnect with what truly matters. Unplugged is the book that will help readers do just this and enable them to re-identify what it is that truly matters to them. Unplugged doesn't require complex techniques, classes or down-sizing. Unplugged simply requires a subtle shift of thinking and a fresh approach to life. It is an opportunity to step off the whirlwind ride through the calendar and re-engage with life.

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