Both sub-groups of diabetes mellitus - types 1 and 2 - are, for different reasons, difficult or impossible to adequately control. This is the first book for nearly 20 years to deal with the problem of severely unstable diabetes. As well as brittle type 1 syndromes, the scope of instability has been extended to the notoriously problematic issue of obese and highly insulin-resistant type 2 diabetes, as well as instability in special groups such as the very young and the elderly. Issues of psychology, psychiatry and education are included, as well as more "medical" forms of management, such as insulin pump therapy and pancreas transplantation. Unstable and Brittle Diabetes provides a balanced view of this most difficult area of diabetes care. Editor Geoff Gill brings together the latest research on the management of brittle diabetes (or 'erratic glucose control'), which is a controversial area in terms of definition and management and one that creates much debate among diabetologists. This monograph will help the diabetologist understand this troublesome condition.

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