Unwrapping the Sandwich Generation. Life Vignettes about Seniors & Their Adult Boomer Children


If you are one of the millions of adult baby boomer children who finds themselves facing their parent's aging concerns, feeling at a loss as these concerns arise and as if you are the only person on the planet experiencing a seemingly lack of skills, you will enjoy Unwrapping the Sandwich Generation. Unwrapping the Sandwich Generation is a collection of vignettes that address senior concerns and how their adult children address those concerns. You won't find any instructions telling you how to "do" anything. You will read stories about real people and real events. You will see that other folks, just like you, experience what you are experiencing; you are not alone. Read their stories and relate to them. This is the type of reading you will enjoy wherever you open it. Unwrapping the Sandwich Generation is a wonderful, thoughtful gift for not only another member of the adult child generation, but also to the loving senior in your life. Jot down your thoughts and feelings in the margins and revisit those feelings as you journey through the aging process. Remember, you are the next generation that will experience this process.

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