UTI/Urethritis/IC is an eight page, intensive bullet-point e-booklet dealing with urinary infections and inflammation. Coming from the world-acknowledged expert in prevention/treatments of UTIs/IC, this e-booklet offers solutions to painful UTIs/IC and soreness in teens/adults of both sexes. Causes found in lifestyle/behaviour are highlighted throughout; sex, tests, home, sports, hygiene, bathrooms, clothing, diet, drinks,alcohol, foods, toiletry chemicals,are some of the lifestyle areas in the booklet for investigation. This revealing booklet on UTIs/urethritis/IC also gives tips for accurate testing,lifestyle alterations,self-help, happy sex, hygiene,dental causes, Thrush, treatments and prevention. Its time-saving, easy prevention, without products and is the daily key to prevention of pain. UTI/urethritis/IC e-booklet is a world-first, must-have for all adults coping with this scenario or there may be kidney infections,continuous medications, fear and ruined relationships.

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