Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment"The valuation of securities . . . is as big a subject as they come, running in multi?-dimensions from qualitative to psychological, from static todynamic, from one dominant measure to a complex soup, and using measures that range from those that are internal to the observer to those determined bythe markets. In Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment, Bob andhis worthy coauthor cover the full range of valuation methods."—From the Foreword by Dean LeBaronCorporate valuation for portfolio investment means determining the present value of future worth. While this may sound like a straightforward task, in reality, it takes time and hard-earned experience to effectively perform this essential financial function.Robert Monks and Alexandra Lajoux understand the difficulty of this endeavor. That's why they have created Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment. Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this reliable guide addresses the many facets of valuation and reveals what it takes to determine the value of corporate equity securities for the purpose of portfolio investment.Written with the professional investor in mind, Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment takes you through a wide range of approaches—including those primarily based in assets, earnings, cash flow, and securities prices—and discusses hybrid valuation techniques that combine aspects of these four main sources of valuation information.Along the way, it also examines the importance of qualitative measures such as governance and details a variety of special situations in the life cycle of businesses, including stock splits, spin-offs, and pension funding.If you're seeking superior returns from investments in corporate equity, then you have to have a firm understanding of valuation. With Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment as your guide, you'll be in a better position to improve your sense of a company's worth and the possible price ranges for buy, sell, and hold decisions.

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