Your customers have come a long waysince Value-Added Selling was publishedtwenty-five years ago. More knowledgeable,proactive, and price conscious, they regularlyscour the Internet for low prices andhave come to expect much more for eachdollar they spend.Now, Tom Reilly has updated his salesclassic to address a marketplace where slashingdeals has become the standard response tobuyers addictions to bargain-basement prices.Used to great success for more than twodecades and through every type of economy,Reillys pioneering value-added sales methodoperates according to two simple rules: Addvalue, not cost; sell value, not price. Its theonly way to protect your profit margins withtodays customers.Value-Added Selling provides the strategies andtactics you need to not only close more salesbut to improve repeat business by understandingbuyers needs from their perspectiveand defining value accordingly. Reilly thenhelps you:Build a master plan that clearlydirects your selling effortsCreate sales tools that help youcommunicate your valueDevelop and execute effectivevalue-added sales callsConnect with and sell to decisionmakers at the highest levelsIncrease customer retention bycontinuously creating new valueTheres nothing stopping you from joiningthe armies of salespeople who choose to competeon price. You can always lower your priceand land a few sales. But at what cost? If youwant to sell more products or services, moreprofi tably, to more people, you must resist thistemptation and begin focusing on value.Use Value-Added Selling to consistently delivermeaningful value to your customers, competeat a higher level than your competition, andprotect your profi ts in any kind of economy.

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