Find out what your early stage business is really worthand what you can do to increase its value even moreOne of the most misconstrued concepts in business today, valuation has also rapidly become one of the most important for business owners in today's unpredictable financial atmosphere.An experiential and practical guide drawn from author and valuation expert Neil Beaton's fifteen years of focused start-up work, ValuingEarly Stage and Venture-Backed Companies equips you with a solid foundation of the ins and outs of early stage and venture-backed valuationsno matter what your field.This step-by-step guide offers contributions from top valuation practitioners, walking you through:New techniques for applying options methodsThe pros and cons of the option pricing modelEarly stage preferred stock rightsApplicable discounts for early stage companiesNew procedures for implementing the probability-weighted expected returns methodValuation theory, the consensus view on application, and the tools to apply themThe popular and widely used AICPA Practice Aid, Valuation of Privately-Held Company Equity Securities Issued as CompensationValuing Early Stage and Venture-Backed Companies replaces bewildering computations with technical expertise to help you figure out what your business is really worth, and how you can increase that value starting today.

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