Since the early 1980s, the biochemical behavior of vanadium has been investigated extensively such as its potent inhibitory role for Na+/K+-ATPase and its participation in insulin-mimicking but also because of the more recent findings on the enzymes and compounds containing vanadium. In addition, knowledge of the medicinal applications of vanadium such as the biochemical roles of its compounds in bone development, cellular mechanisms, signaling pathways and anti-cancer agents has increased enormously. Vanadium: Featuring Biochemical and Molecular Biological Approaches adds to this knowledge by presenting inorganic and redox processes and demonstrating the important use of vanadium in biological systems. Chapters include the following themes: hyper- accumulators of vanadium, enzymatic roles of vanadium, biochemical functions of vanadium and medicinal functions of vanadium. This volume is aimed at pure and applied chemists, biochemists, pharmaceutical and medical scientists.

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