Jocelyns twin brother Jack was everything she had growingup in a world of foster homes - and now hes dead, and she has nothing. Then she gets a cryptic letter from "JasonDecember" - the code name her brother used to use when he made up elaboratepuzzles to fill the unhappy hours at Seale House, a terrifying foster home from their childhood. Only one other personknows about Jason December: Noah, Jocelyns childhood crush, and their onlyreal friend among the troubled children at Seale House.But when Jocelyn sneaks off to return to Seale House and thecity where she last saw Noah, she gets more than she bargained for. Turns out Seale Houses dark powers werentjust the figment of a childish information. And someone is following Jocelyn. Is Jack still alive? And if heis, what kind of trouble is he in - and how can Jocelyn and Noah help him?

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