Though the emerging sub-discipline of comparative political economy is now rich in studies of different advanced capitalisms, it still lacks a systematic consideration of the organizing frameworks and methodologies underpinning those studies. This volume addresses this lack through a set of linked essays written from within mainstream economics, historical institutionalism, and radical scholarship of a Marxist kind. The essays gathered here build out from, and reflect upon, the two great debates currently shaping the analysis of advanced capitalism: the debates triggered by Hall and Soskice's Varieties of Capitalism and those triggered by Bob Brenner's article 'The Economics of Global Turbulence'. Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Approaches makes the case for a greater awareness of underlying theoretical issues in the design of empirical research, and demonstrates the value of exploring the interconnections between competing intellectual approaches. Its essays are written by major participants in the key debates in comparative political economy; and the entire collection is framed by an opening essay on the strengths and weaknesses of the various paradigms of explanation currently available in the field.

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