In-depth information on the vibration of continuous systems Vibration of Continuous Systems covers the vibration behavior of basic structural components and elements. Several real-world applications in various fields, including acoustics, aerospace, mechanical, civil and biomedical engineering are included. The book covers all the fundamental aspects, including the derivation of equations, and it guides you through examples and problems to advanced research. Vibration of Continuous Systems features:Detailed derivation of fundamental equationsComprehensive treatment of all elements encountered in engineering applicationsProblems with solutionsNumerical solutions which do not have exact mathematical solutions Complete coverage:Transverse Vibration of Strings; Longitudinal and Torsional Vibration of Bars; Transverse Vibration of Beams; Membrane Vibrations; Plate Vibrations; Vibration of Shells; Three Dimensional Vibrations; Vibration of Composite Structures; Summary of One Degree of Freedom Vibrations; Special Functions; Bassel and Gamma Functions Hyperbolic Functions

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