Leslie Griffiths story begins in real poverty in South Wales. Thanks to his outstanding intellect and a grammar school education, he became the youngest ever staff member at the University of Wales, before the call to ordained ministry led him, via Cambridge, to Haiti to work with some of the poorest people on earth. At the height of the Duvalier dynasty's power, he experienced Liberation Theology before it had been articulated and was the biographer of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the Roman Catholic priest and Liberation Theologian who became Haiti's President.In England, Leslie Griffiths is one of the very few people to have been elected President of the Methodist Conference whilst still a circuit (parish) minister. Tony Blair appointed him a working peer in the House of Lords. Principled and outspoken, he has a high media profile,is an impassioned ambassador for multiculturalism and does not shrink from controversy -- nor from public criticism of contemporary culture and politics.

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