Step-by-Step Instruction on Complex Topics Leads You to the Expert LevelDo you scour VB.NET books seeking solutions for esoteric database programming, debugging, security, or printing challenges, but can't ever find them? Are you wrestling with VB.NET's newer topics, such as asynchronous programming, Web services, employing Office objects, using reflection, and the .NET Compact Framework? Could you use some assistance making the transition from VB6 to VB.NET? If so, peer inside.Visual Basic .NET Power Tools is intended for professional programmers geared up to tackle the complex, cutting-edge, and sophisticated aspects of VB.NET. In this rare book, two world-renowned VB authors thoroughly describe a broad range of fascinating and important aspects of VB that aren't addressed elsewhere.This solutions-oriented guide teaches you how to:Get under the hood of the .NET Framework, and find out why it works the way it doesEmploy serialization techniquesLeverage Microsoft Office in your applicationsMaster encryption, hashing, and creating keysLearn advanced printing techniquesUse the new reflection technology to look inside executing assembliesBuild data-driven Web applicationsDesign data-driven Windows applicationsWork with regular expressionsEmploy advanced graphics techniquesCreate professional-looking formsDesign effective User InterfacesUse the .NET Compact Framework and its emerging technologies

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