This is the paperback edition of an Oxford Psychology Series title that has sold 1000 cloth copies at $80 since 1989. Visual Pattern Analyzers consolidates and places within a logical framework current knowledge of lower level visual processing. Organized to help the reader find needed information quickly and easily, the book emphasizes psychophysical experiments which measure the models used to draw inferences from experimental results. Neurophysiological and psychophysical evidence is compared and contrasted, while introductiory material on psychophysical methods, signal detection theory, and the mathematics of Fourier analysis assure that the title is accessible to anyone interested in the field. Also included are lists of studies about analyzers and parametric sensitivity on various pattern-vision dimensions. This volume will be of great value to researchers and graduate students in the fields of vision and perception, as well as to investigators in many fields, including psychophysics, neuroscience, opthalmology, computer science, and cognitive and experimental psychology.

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