The sailing ship is loaded with convicts on their way to the dreaded Hell on earth penal colony of Port Cayonne. The captain is content to have the 100 men and 30 women supervised by the sadistic Madam Latour, herself a convict serving her out her parole, knowing she will rule them all with a sternness he can hardly match. On board the ship is the aristocratic and startlingly beautiful Contesse De Louvois, convicted of fraud, carrying a sentence of six years' hard labour and six on parole. She immediately runs into trouble by complaining about conditions on the ship, bringing her to the unwelcome attention of the captain and Madam Latour. This results in her spending a night on the Table of Correction. Alongside her are two innocents who supported her in her rebellion, also suffering the torments of the damned. Life does not look very good for the Contesse, especially as the lustful captain and crew have designs on the luscious body as well!

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