You dont need an MBA to master corporate financeFinally, the book which may put Harvard Business School out of business. A must-read for all professionals who seek strong financial expertise.Rick Rickertsen, Managing Partner, Pine Creek Partners; author of BuyoutTerrific overview of corporate finance and accounting that even the nonfinancial professional will find useful.Ken Glazer, former Senior Competition Counsel, The Coca-Cola CompanyThe Wall Street MBA distills a broad swath of corporate finance and financial reporting concepts into a concise, practical, and easily accessible format.Robert Borghese, lecturer, The Wharton School; author of M&A from Planning to IntegrationThe Wall Street MBA gives you the tools to: Review financial statementsAnalyze earningsDetect fraudAssess stock pricesValue companiesDetermine the cost of capitalWith brand-new chapters on currency trading, real estate valuation, and commodities

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