Od Fitch hates his life. He hates living in the middle of nowhere, hehates the fact that his mum is dead and his dad is too wrapped up inhis research to notice him, and he hates his school, where the lessonsare too easy and dull to bother with. But everything changes one day when Od arrives home to discover hisfather has been abducted by terrorists. Far from the mild-manneredgenius that Od believed him to be, Ods father has been designing themost powerful weapon known to mankind, Warsuit 1.0. A 7m-tall robotic exoskeleton designed to form a permanent psychic bond with whoever pilots it first. And that person is Od. Armed and dangerous, Ods now trapped in a race against time, to savehis father from the terrorists, from the government, and from aviciously beautiful operative known only as Angelica W-K.

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