An Integrated Approach to Managing the World's Water ResourcesWater Reuse: Issues, Technologies, and Applications equips water/wastewater students, engineers, scientists, and professionals with a definitive account of the latest water reclamation, recycling, and reuse theory and practice. This landmark textbook presents an integrated approach to all aspects of water reuse _ from public health protection to water quality criteria and regulations to advanced technology to implementation issues.Filled with over 500 detailed illustrations and photographs, Water Reuse: Issues, Technology, and Applications features:In-depth coverage of cutting-edge water reclamation and reuse applicationsCurrent issues and developments in public health and environmental protection criteria, regulations, and risk managementReview of current advanced treatment technologies, new developments, and practicesSpecial emphasis on process reliability and multiple barrier concepts approachConsideration of satellite and decentralized water reuse facilitiesConsideration of planning and public participation of water reuseInside This Landmark Water/Wastewater Management Tool Water Reuse: An Introduction Health and Environmental Concerns in Water Reuse Technologies and Systems for Water Reclamation and Reuse Water Reuse Applications Implementing Water Reuse

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