Pittsburgh was too small for Beryl Wexler. Straight out of high school, she changed her name to Buzz and set off for London's bright lights. Now she's forty-two and at the top of her game in the music PR business, looking after the coolest groups on the planet. But Buzz has just been sidelined into World Music, and her life is about to change.On tour with the Gorni Grannies, Bulgarian singers of a certain age, Buzz faces quite different challenges from her usual tantrum-throwing celebs. How to stop Lubka straining yogurt through her knee highs? How to dissuade Kichka from stealing everything not nailed to the floor? Fuelled by copious shots of home-brewed plum rakia, Buzz and Lubka address life's ups and down, until the world tilts and a different future beckons.

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