WE THE PEOPLENo lawyers. Save money.We The People is America's largest legal document services company. Dedicated to helping every American avoid the high cost of legal fees, We The People gives you the information you need to handle your own legal filings quickly, easily, and cheaply. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already liberated themselves from the tyranny of attorneys' fees--and now you can too!If you've already decided not to take each other to the cleaners, why throw money away on legal fees? We The People's Guide to Divorce makes filing for divorce as affordable and painless as possible. This practical, nuts-and-bolts guide covers all the basics and includes extra resources you'll be glad you had--including frequently asked questions, sample forms, a glossary of legal terms, and handy worksheets. Plus, when you purchase We The People's Guide to Divorce, you'll be able to download legal forms to complete your divorce filing. Inside you'll learn all the basics and more:* What are grounds for divorce* How to handle alimony, child support, and custody* Retirement and healthcare benefits* Where to find the legal forms you need* How to download legal forms you need* When hiring an attorney is unavoidable* Differences in state divorce lawGetting divorced isn't fun, but you can minimize the pain and cost when you and your spouse agree to treat each other fairly and leave the lawyers out of it. Do it right, do it inexpensively, and do it yourself--with We The People's Guide to Divorce.

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