Web development is simpler than it seems, especially with the software tools freely available on the web. This book breaks from the tradition of teaching a history of web development and jumps to the good stuff from the outset so that students can start writing real applications. It introduces readers to a 3-tiered, Model-View-Controller architecture by using Hibernate, JSPs, and Java Servlets. These three technologies all use Java, so that a student with a good background in programming will be able to master them. Java Server Pages are HTML pages that have some data references in them. Java Servlet contain the business logic. Hibernate handles the data. This book uses existing powerful technologies such as JSP, JavaBeans, Annotations, JSTL, Java 1.5, Hibernate, Apache Velocity and Tomcat. It also presents Model 1 architectures using Servlets and JSP as alternatives to Perl and PHP. Written novice developers, this book provides an introductory course in web development for undergraduates as well as web developers.

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