THREE BRIDES FOR THREE COWBOYS! The Hand-Me-Down Bride by Elizabeth Lane Arabella Spencer's trip out West was supposed to end in marriage to her long-time sweetheart - not the discovery that he'd made someone else his wife! Can rancher Stewart McIntyre convince Arabella that Montana can still be her dream come true, with a new groom for this hand-me-down bride? The Bride Wore Britches by Kate Welsh Just for one night rancher Rhiannon Oliver longs to feel like a lady, so she ditches her britches for a ballgown! Cowboy Dylan Varga hardly recognises the girl he used to tease - but then a tragedy throws them together in a way neither could have imagined... Something Borrowed, Something True by Lisa Plumley When Everett Bannon's ranch hands order him a mail-order bride, he plans to send her on the first train back home. Until he sees his beautiful bride-to-be and his wits go walkin'! But Nellie Trent isn't in Morrow Creek for veils and vows - she's an undercover journalist with an expose to write!

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