Empower your people, your companyand yourselfwith leadership egolibriumegolibrium: the ability to toggle between egocentric and other-centric attitudes, values, and behaviors for organizational successTheres no doubt about it: the very best leaders are deeply in tune with their behavior and understand the impact it has on others. As one of the worlds top trainers in the field of accelerated experiential learning, Ron Roberts understands this more keenly than anyone, and in The Well-Balanced Leader, he helps you re-envision your own behavior to become the best leader you can be.Roberts makes the process of finding the perfect leadership balancewhat he calls egolibriumpersonally enriching and easy to achieve. He begins by identifying the nine human behavioral dichotomies that most affect the quality of leadership:Nonjudgmental / JudgmentalNondefensive / DefensiveRelinquishing Control / ControllingOpenness to learning / Know it allDoing the right thing / Doing whatever you wantPatience / ImpatienceLetting go / Holding onAcceptance / ResistanceOther-centric / EgocentricEveryones behaviors fall somewhere between each dichotomy. Using the activities, action steps, games, and thought exercises included for each pair, youll figure out exactly where your behaviors land, and then learn how to move that position in one direction or the other to find the right balance or your specific needs.

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