Three sizzling Westmoreland stories from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson Riding the Storm Because he could sweet-talk any woman into his bed, and regularly did so, fireman Storm Westmoreland used lovemaking the way other men used a long, hot shower - to blow off steam. Until a torrid weekend with a too-hot-to-handle virgin left him craving something more than mere physical satisfaction... Jared's Counterfeit Fiancee Pretending to be Jared Westmoreland's fiancee wasn't Dana Rollins's idea. But she owed him a favour, and Jared's persuasive charm and sinful masculinity - not to mention his sizzling kisses - were impossible to refuse. With the passion quickly rising between them, Dana wondered if their romantic charade might be the real thing after all. The Chase Is On Chase Westmoreland's restaurant's new neighbour was as delicious and tempting as the chocolates she made. In fact, Jessica Claiborne was so enticing that Chase was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else!

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